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As an iOS developer 

iOS takes up the bulk of my development experience and passion. Knowledge of the best practices in software architecture, design and UI help me create apps that users love to use.

I have experience creating apps for both startups and fortune 500 companies in domains like - eCommerce, photography, photo organisers, 2D-drawing, social networking, utilities.

Besides apps I also work on plugin frameworks used across multiple apps like a custom graph charting package using Core Graphics and OpenGL ES.

Ease of usability, smooth performance and thoughtful design are attributes in my opinion that make for a great user experience. 

As a game developer

I started my career as a game developer and still love making games. I have experience making games on Flash and iOS platform. 

I have experience working with platforms like Cocos2d, SpriteKit, Core Graphics and OpenGL ES. A decent knowledge of math and physics and some basic knowledge of AI have helped me solve some very interesting problems in game development. 

When possible I enjoy getting involved with ideation, design and art for the game.

As me

When I am not coding I also like to keep a close watch on other developments in technology. 

My reading and TV mostly consist of science fiction and mystery. I am a big Star Trek fan :]

I like to travel and experience new places.

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